The Can Crewser. The brainchild of Tyler Crews (left) and Brian Cantrell (right), from Loganville, GA. Over 2 years of design and research has finally made this unit a reality. The Can Crewser sprang from an idea that Tyler had while watching fellow beachgoers struggle to get their coolers across the thick and powdery Gulf Coast sand. Now 2 years later, we introduce the world's most versitile cooler caddy. The Can Crewser.

The Beginning
In the Spring of 2011, Can Crewser Vice President Tyler Crews was enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony of his vacation condo. While overlooking the beaches of Panama City FL, he watched countless men and women make their way to waters edge. He noticed that all of them had something in common; the chore of dragging a cooler to their sandy destination. Certainly no easy task, and definitely not the way to spend vacation time. This is when Tyler thought, "There has to be a better way".

Tyler decided to call his cousin, who is a Design Engineer. This call would be the beginning of what the world will come to know as the "Can Crewser". Brian Cantrell (now President of the company), quickly understood Tyler's message. Just like everyone else who's ever been to the beach, he knew the pain and labor it takes to get a cooler across deep sand.



The Process
With the seed now firmly planted , the process began. After many patent searches, and late nights of conceptual designs, the Can Crewser was taking shape. As the design process continued, it suddenly appreared. There was the invention on paper, staring its creator in the face. After Brian shared the design with Tyler, they both agreed that they were on to something. Over the next serveral weeks the concept design turned into a fully detailed design complete with parts list. Material selections were made, and the resources were acquired to build a prototype.

Two months later, the very first Can Crewser was being assembled in Brian's garage. "It was even more beatuiful in person", Brian exclaimed. A cooler was mounted for the first time, and the Crewser was ready for action. With one simple adjustment, Brian raised his cooler for rough terrain. "It went from ground level to a height of 7 inches! All I had to do was adjust the pivot arms!", Brian said to Tyler. Those pivot arms connect to the positioner frame, allowing virtually any cooler to become 4-wheel drive. Below are the first images of the Can Crewser prototype. After viewing them, Tyler was ecstatic.

Today, the Can Crewser is a fully finished production model. We humbly offer our product to those who love the outdoors, or just a great party. We are certain you will enjoy the convenient utility the Can Crewser provides. As well, its durable construction ensures you will enjoy it for a very long time. We are extremely proud of our knowledgeable customer service team, and a technician is always available to answer any questions. We also offer a full line of replacement parts for any unforseen, little "accidents". Tyler and Brian thank you, in advance, for choosing the Can Crewser as an integral part of your outdoor equipment.






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